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Can you visibly see that your flooring type whether it is carpet, tile, or even grout, needs to be thoroughly cleaned? What about the walkway and driveways leading up to your home or office - do they need to have an experienced cleaning company come out and provide unbeatable cleaning services? Has the upholstery of your furniture lost its luster; due to inattention or improper upkeep (cleaning-wise)? If so, please continue reading; or, to schedule a cleaning service, click here! For several years now, Complete Carpet Cleaning has been the leading cleaning company that is dedicated to providing excellent carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, janitorial cleaning, walkways and driveway cleaning, carpet pet odor removal and air duct cleaning services. Moreover, the cleaning products that are used for any of the cleaning services include the highest-quality cleaning products that can be found in the cleaning industry!

Carpet Cleaning

Our masterful technicians use only the best quality cleaning products for your carpet to properly and efficiently remove spots, soil, stains and without over wetting the carpet or leaving behind a sticky residue. Complete Carpet Cleaning follows a meticulous cleaning process to ensure all dirt, debris, and detergents are thoroughly cleaned from your carpets using high-powered, truck-mounted equipment. We not only clean your carpets, but we pre-treat highly soiled, or stained areas as well to make certain that all carpet spots, carpet stains, and cleaning residues are completely removed without any damages.

When you begin to notice that your carpeted residential and commercial property is needing to have professional carpet cleaning attention, deep-cleaning for your upholstery, or if your air ducts are in need of cleaning, then we encourage you to do, as so many other satisfied clients in Salt Lake County, Utah have done before you, reach out to the expert cleaning crews at Complete Carpet Cleaning at your soonest convenience.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile can bring elegance to a room whether it be a kitchen or bathroom, tile can also brighten up the room. Don't be fooled when it comes to tile and grout the devil is in the details, dirty grout can ruin the look you are going for and also make the room less bright. Complete Carpet Cleaning LLC has the Solutions, equipment, and experience needed to restore your tile and grout to its original colors. Cleaning your tile & grout can be a daunting task with a mop and grout cleaner. Don't spend hours cleaning yourself.

Call Complete Carpet Cleaning LLC so we can turn that greasy grimy tile & grout into the elegant bright floors that you were going for when you had them installed. Grout is very porous allowing it to absorb dirt like a sponge, and mopping generally just helps to spread the dirt and grease into the grout, this is why we recommend sealing the grout after we clean it.

Upholstery Cleaning

Let's face it we spend more time on our furniture than probably anywhere else in our house, because of this there is a more concentrated amount of dead skin and other things hiding in the material. Dust mites feed on dead skin making your furniture a breeding ground for dust mites but don’t worry with our 230° degree heat and industry-leading solutions we can take care of all your upholstery cleaning needs.

Before you hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your upholstery there are a few things you will need to do. First, you want to look at the tag attached to the upholstery that you would like cleaned, make sure that the item can be steam cleaned. Second when looking for a company make sure to do your research and remember that upholstery cleaning takes experience in order to clean the fabric while not damaging it. The final thing that you will need to keep in mind is pricing, if a company quotes you one price and brings an invoice at the end of the job that reflects a different price DO NOT PAY IT.

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